Interactive Boards in India

One of my school friends referred me ELearn and I found it to be very inspiring and interesting. The concept of Interactive Boards and other digital technologies they have adopted has taken learning to a different level. They are unique and special in offering iinteractive white board services and they also provide efficient ICT training via Interactive Boards for their learners. Skilled presenters really find this interactive board useful for teaching new concepts and ideas to their learners. They also offer us various added-value services without the need for any additional power supply. They encourage us to involve in the subject, by offering more interactive sessions. They definitely deserve to be the market leader in e-learning system, because their services are very much outstanding from their competitors. They engage the audience and they make us interact with them while teaching. Go through their website for more additional details and you will be really impressed.

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Interactive Boards Comments

 I am really impressed with the innovative technologies that ELearn has incorporated in the educational process.  They are very much friendly to their learners and they give us the real scope of learning new concepts and subjects. The Interactive Boards encourage the students to be more involved and interactive in the classrooms, unlike the regular classrooms, which are meant to be just quite. With a team of highly skilled professionals, they are able to simplify even tougher concepts and make us understand it better. The new methods of teaching using these interactive Boards and other innovative products like touch induction; network video, intelligent pen tray and lot more about this company are remarkable. They encourage learners with various motivational concepts, which I felt very inspiring. If you find some people interested in e-learning, please refer them to their website to know more about them and they will surely thank you. 

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Interactive Boards Company

I recently experienced a learning session with ELearn, which has the best e-learning website. They offer a wide range of services such as educational content, Interactive Boards, incorporating digital technology into their syllabus, smart class system and various other visual presenting aids. Their advanced methods of teaching through different aids really impressed me and gave me the spirit to continue further with them. The interactive Boards help students understand the concepts and not just memorize them for the sake of scoring marks. It develops the observation skills of the students at a very young age. They have a support team who will be in constant touch with their learners. Although there are various e-learning websites available in the internet, I will give full rating to this website and I want all of you to give a try. They adopt all latest methods of teaching to entertain learners like us. Thanks to the team. 

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Interactive Board

The ELearn has a unique and exceptional approach towards ICT training. This is what makes them stand unique from their competitors. Their Interactive Boards have wide spread wings using which we can fly with vibrant colors. These interactive white board create a new scope of interaction between the presenters and the learners. The strict and stringent student relationship no more exists, so studying is no more a burden. Thanks for introducing such an innovative interactive board. They gave me a good scope of learning toughest concepts in a simple way. It is a platform to share knowledge between each other.  Because it is largely different from the regular classrooms, students easily get impressed with this advanced teaching method. The usage of modern technologies to teach the concepts, which gave me a better understanding. So, I am always thankful to this team for their brilliant concepts and ideas they have incorporated to teach their learners. 

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Interactive boards

  One of the best e-learning websites that I have come across is the ELearn. This is a web index, comprising of ICT training and other equipments related to presentation. There are various categories of the portions covered in this site and each is proven to be the best in standard. They make use of the latest innovative technologies which is more appealing.Interactive Boards are one of the prime services offered by this company, within which we have free tutorials that are useful for students. This website is sure to make a difference in the world of e-learning and only through personal experience you can understand it. Their interactive white board has completely modernized the classrooms, which encourages the students to take active participation with high interest towards learning. This interactive session largely helps in improvising the presentation skills of the students. They offer more learning space for children, which enhance involvement and interaction. 
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Smart class rooms make education more interesting

Drastic changes are happening in the education arena. Today the application of technology in the field education made it possible to learn in a smarter way. Teachers who used chalks and white boards to teach students some years before, now uses smart pen to write on the smart board.  The younger generation is running behind technology. To cater their technology demands class rooms and teaching equipments are getting digitalized.

Gone are the days when students carried pen, pencil, notebooks, textbooks and calculator to their schools. Instead of bringing big school bags carrying all those curriculum accessories, now they are coming to school with a single laptop.

To make education more interesting and learning a fun experience many schools are depending on information and technology enabled smart class rooms. The black boards in the class rooms are replaced by digital black boards. The audio-visual rooms and interactive sessions replaced the traditional textbook and notebook depended study. With the use of latest technologies, the tech-savvy students started enjoying studies and keenly participate in the learning process. Smart boards and audio visual rooms are adding a new dimension to the teaching style.

Use of technology is not restricted just to the four walled class room. With the advance of technology knowledge is at the finger tips. Students can contact teacher whenever and wherever they are through social networking sites, chat rooms and email. Teachers slowly started accepting projects and assignments through email and web postings. Students have started learning technology aspects in a fast mode. So they are able to use advanced technology tools in the field of learning and entertainment. Rather than writing on papers now they prefer to make e-documents and videos on the projects. This helps them to share their creativity with other group of people in an effective way.

With the introduction of smartclass rooms learning process become more lively and interactive. Earlier in geographic classes explaining bout a place was restricted to showing the place in the text book and explaining about it. Now with the help of internet a teacher can show in the Google Map where exactly the place is located and details about the people, culture and traditions. Rather than just hearing lectures such interactive classes helps students to know more about a subject.

Here are some of the advantages of smart class rooms in today’s education field:

–          Easy maintenance of e-note book. Using the keyboard students can type faster and save it in a digital format.

–          By saving notes in the digital format makes it easy for students to retrieve it at anytime and anywhere they want. As most of the notes and assignments will be written and saved in a prescribed format, chances of losing it is very less.

–          Most of the latest word processing documents have options that help to draw graphs and charts in an easy way.

–          Internet access helps students to do more research on a subject and sharing it with others.

–          E-library facility eliminates regular visit to schools or college libraries.

All the whole digital class rooms have become popular in education arena as it blends perfectly with today’s education curriculum.

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Smart class- a powerful combination of technology and education

smart class room is one that is equipped with multimedia components to enhance the instruction and class room learning process.  Today’s kids are really smart so they demand a smart way of education.

Computer and audio visual devices allows teachers to teach by using a wide variety of media. Instead of book knowledge the students will get an opportunity to learn on a real-time mode. What are equipments that can be fitted in a class room to make it a smart one:-

–          A PC  installed with latest OS

–          A high speed internet connection

–          DVD and VHS players

–          Laptops with net connection for guests

–          LCD projector

–          LCD screen

–          Amplifiers/loud speakers

–          Cameras

With the evolution of smart class rooms it become easy for students to get notes. Instead of writing on their notebook now they can save the dictations directly in the laptop and take it to home directly. By taking notes in papers there are chances for losing it if there comes any adverse conditions. Meanwhile, saving it in the PC hard disk or any other storage devices reduces the chance of losing data.

Smart class rooms help both local students and those located at remote locations to attend classes simultaneously. As the teachers are using computers with an internet connection students located at remote locations can also be present at the same time. The pen-based user interface used on the projector display allows teachers to take control of the presentation of lecture materials. This they can save and send directly to both the local and remotely located students’ computers. Remote instruction is possible as cameras as fitted in the class rooms. It is the loudspeakers that help remotely located students to hear properly.

Another advantage of smartclass is connectivity. Files located in different servers can be brought directly to the class and use it effectively. This will definitely enhance the presentation. Sometimes the students can hear the lecture of more teachers. While taking a topic a teacher can invite another teacher who is an expert in the area to give a small talk on the topic. Isn’t it wonderful?

Both the teachers and the students can use smart board simultaneously. This helps to enhance the communication between the both.

Like advantages there are disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is that students forget to write with the normal pen. With the evolution of computers people started forgetting the use of pen and paper. Our great writers used pen and paper to write their great stories. Will the keyboard help the new generation to evolve in creative writing? Well, we have to wait and see.

Most of the multimedia equipments work on electricity. So a power shutdown may hinder the flow of the learning process. Technical problems can also obstruct the normal class lectures. As positive qualities have larger foot than negative, smart classes are becoming more popular in schools and colleges. Instead of limiting students to static expression of understanding, digital class rooms provides them with opportunities to leverage the use of images, music, video, charts and graphs.


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