Interactive Teaching Methods

Technological advancement has touched all the spheres of our lives; they have made living simpler, easier and much more comfortable. The traditional system of education has also undergone numerous changes. Gone are those days when students used to carry books, pens, pencils, rubbers etc to classroom.  Today digital gadgets such as tablet computers, smart phones, iPad’s etc find a prominent place in classrooms.

Most of the schools are following the interactive classroom methods, as this creates a livelier environment which enables easy learning. Studies have revealed that this form of education helps teachers and students alike, and it is easier to draw and retain the attention of students which is otherwise a difficult task. The interactive classroom makes use of computers that are connected to the internet, a data projector and interactive whiteboards. Thus some of the most common devices used in this classroom are;

  • Data projector: Data Projectors allow projecting the image from a computer onto a screen or Interactive board.
  • A document camera, or visual presenter, which allows displaying movements under a camera onto the screen via the data projector.
  • An Interactive board that allows the teacher and the students to interact with the computer as the images are projected on the board.
  • An interactive tablet is used in situations where the interactive white board is not available.
  • The class response system also called voters or click is also used. These enable the students to respond to the questions, tests etc.
  • Pocket cameras are also used to capture videos in classrooms that can be referred later on.

Thus, these are the most common devices that can be seen in an interactive classroom. The interactive boards and interactive slate are very powerful devices as it aids in better interaction between the teachers and the students.  The main advantage of interactive boards is the ability to manipulate the shapes, images, text etc even when the subject is being projected onto the whiteboard. The interactive slate offers all the features and functions of the interactive boards, but the main advantages of these slates are that they are portable and provide students with the freedom to perform individual activities on the slate. But the drawback of the interactive slate is that the images cannot be projected onto the board. These interactive slates and interactive boards apart from being used in the education system; also find a prominent place in corporate and business establishments.

Smart Class is one of the latest innovations in the field of learning, which is rapidly transforming the method of teaching and learning with the use of modern, sophisticated technology. Smartclass technology assists teachers with their daily and routine activities as it provides them with a vast ocean of information. Studies have revealed that this technology has also helped in enhancing the academic performance of students as the information or contents can be presented in a simpler and attractive manner. This technology enables the use of different learning styles and patterns, which makes the subject more appealing and interesting to the students.

The latest and the diverse teaching methods are thus a boon for our children as it enables imparting knowledge in a simpler and much easier format. Thanks to the technological growth!

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