Interactive Teaching Methods

Technological advancement has touched all the spheres of our lives; they have made living simpler, easier and much more comfortable. The traditional system of education has also undergone numerous changes. Gone are those days when students used to carry books, pens, pencils, rubbers etc to classroom.  Today digital gadgets such as tablet computers, smart phones, iPad’s etc find a prominent place in classrooms.

Most of the schools are following the interactive classroom methods, as this creates a livelier environment which enables easy learning. Studies have revealed that this form of education helps teachers and students alike, and it is easier to draw and retain the attention of students which is otherwise a difficult task. The interactive classroom makes use of computers that are connected to the internet, a data projector and interactive whiteboards. Thus some of the most common devices used in this classroom are;

  • Data projector: Data Projectors allow projecting the image from a computer onto a screen or Interactive board.
  • A document camera, or visual presenter, which allows displaying movements under a camera onto the screen via the data projector.
  • An Interactive board that allows the teacher and the students to interact with the computer as the images are projected on the board.
  • An interactive tablet is used in situations where the interactive white board is not available.
  • The class response system also called voters or click is also used. These enable the students to respond to the questions, tests etc.
  • Pocket cameras are also used to capture videos in classrooms that can be referred later on.

Thus, these are the most common devices that can be seen in an interactive classroom. The interactive boards and interactive slate are very powerful devices as it aids in better interaction between the teachers and the students.  The main advantage of interactive boards is the ability to manipulate the shapes, images, text etc even when the subject is being projected onto the whiteboard. The interactive slate offers all the features and functions of the interactive boards, but the main advantages of these slates are that they are portable and provide students with the freedom to perform individual activities on the slate. But the drawback of the interactive slate is that the images cannot be projected onto the board. These interactive slates and interactive boards apart from being used in the education system; also find a prominent place in corporate and business establishments.

Smart Class is one of the latest innovations in the field of learning, which is rapidly transforming the method of teaching and learning with the use of modern, sophisticated technology. Smartclass technology assists teachers with their daily and routine activities as it provides them with a vast ocean of information. Studies have revealed that this technology has also helped in enhancing the academic performance of students as the information or contents can be presented in a simpler and attractive manner. This technology enables the use of different learning styles and patterns, which makes the subject more appealing and interesting to the students.

The latest and the diverse teaching methods are thus a boon for our children as it enables imparting knowledge in a simpler and much easier format. Thanks to the technological growth!

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Smart boards – effective and smart e-learning tools

The world is running behind different types of digital technologies. For each and every purpose the younger generation is searching for new technology packed items. They are depending on technology for their education and entertainment. In school they have well-equipped digital classroom, and in house they have computers. The advent of latest technologies changed the face of education and entertainment arena like never before. Now a single click on the mouse brings the whole world into the students study room.

Earlier students went to school carrying pen, pencil, notebooks, textbooks, calculator etc. Laptop has replaced all these things today. Instead of bringing a big bean shaped bag carrying all those curriculum accessories, now they want only a single laptop.

Class rooms have changed a lot. There was a time when teachers used chalks and boards to teach curriculum. At present they are using smart boards. A smart board is a presentation tool that helps teachers to interact with their students. Teachers use this tool to teach all kinds of subjects, from displaying math formulas and functions to showing maps of different countries in the geography class.

Function of a smart board

In a smart class room a smart board assist teachers in spreading their idea to students through visual media. The large display area of the smartboard gives teachers a large presentation area where they can draw or show already drawn pictures, graphs and designs. Teachers can also make notes, highlight contents, enter into various applications and take printout of the contents and handover to students.

Advantages of smart boards

  1. It enhances interactive learning – Class rooms equipped with smart boards help students and teachers to interact with each other effectively. Because everyone in the class room can use the board simultaneously.
  1. Multitasking– The same board can be used to do multiple jobs. That means, when a teacher is using a toll bar a student can simultaneously use another tool bar to do his own manipulations on a separate workspace of the same board.
  1. Internet access – Smart boards can be connected to the Internet.  This helps students to view different websites and use other computer application process by being in the class room. That means, by sitting in the class room they can gain access to a wide variety of applications. Educators can also use internet to download their lecture notes and presenting it in front of students in an interesting way.
  1. Effective communication with people in different locations – The advancement in the technology helps to connect smart boards with computers. This helps in online education. Students and teachers located in different locations can interact with each other and this make the learning process a more effective one.
  2. Take printouts – Earlier students have to take lecture notes when teachers dictate it. With the introduction of smart boards taking printouts of lecture notes became pretty easy. They can also save the lecture notes in their own computers or in the smart board for future use.

Smart boards have made a smart change in the education arena. In this digital age we can expect a lot more.

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Digital classrooms – an interactive tool to bring real-world applications right into class rooms

In this digital world contemporary learning methods are getting replaced with most modern digital learning techniques. The technologists working in the education field has come out with a right blend of technologies. Now the benefit of technology is not simply replicating existing educational practices. It becomes combining ideas and product technologies in a right manner and encouraging students to engage in deeper cognitive activities.

One of the powerful uses of technology in education is to tailor instructions to students individual learning needs. Technology can give visual representation of high-order concepts with the use of graphics and simulations. That means you can bring real-world applications right into the class room. A major tool that can make classrooms digitalized one is a smart board.

With the introduction of smartboard, students are getting more opportunity to interact with their colleagues and their educators. Classrooms are becoming more interactive.  Use of smart board in classroom begins with the educator preparing lessons to support curriculum activities.  The features available in the smart board help a teacher in creating a collaborative learning environment. This thereby helps the teacher to transform from the role of facilitator to that of a learner. One of the main goals of the use of technology in class room is to allow students to experiment with real world problems, giving different scenarios to find solution and help them in coming out with the best possible solution. In this way, teachers are not only teaching the curriculum oriented subjects, but also the use of latest technologies.

Who don’t want to study in smart class rooms? The use of notebooks, pens and pencils have been replaced by electronic note books, smart phones, tablets and other digital devices in the class room. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, use of digital devices like white boards in the class rooms has its own merits and demerits.


Some of the advantages and disadvantages of smart boards in class rooms are as follows:

–          Note making becomes really easy. Use of keyboard helps students to type faster and save it in a digital format.

–          Saving notes in digital format helps students to retrieve it in an easy way. Most of the notes and assignments will be written and saved in a given format and this reduces the chance of losing it.

–          Introduction of latest word processing technologies help to draw graphs and charts very easy.

–          Access to internet helps in collecting more information and doing home work without wasting much time.

–          E-library eliminates carrying many numbers of heavy text books and note books.


–          Decline of penmanship

–          Less opportunity to write letters and books by hand

–          Online access can give freedom to illegitimate sites.

–          Limit the freedom for free thinking

–          Life becomes mechanical

There are disadvantages, however advantages are overweighing it. Digital class rooms have become more popular in education arena as it fits perfectly with today’s curriculum in providing students with the information literacy skills they need to become a tech-savvy 21st century citizen.

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Smart class rooms assist students in learning with technology

My mother used to share us with her old school day memories during our free times. Maths mam was her favourite on those days. Even now she constantly writes letters to her maths mam. There is a close bonding between them. The only thing my mother regrets about her school days is the lack of technology advances. But she is a happy mother. She feels proud today as she is able to send her children to a better school which has good educational facilities. She used to always advice us to utilize those facilities in an effective way.

I was telling about educational facilities, and you may be wondering which all these high-tech facilities are. Well, I am talking about the modern education system and the technologies used to give it a wider reach. Today’s generation is roaming around with iphone, ipad , tablet and other digital devices in their pockets. We have the opportunity to access information wherever we are.  This technological advancement can be seen in class rooms also.


With the introduction of digital class rooms, it becomes easy to interact with each other like never before. Students of this generation are not enclosed in the four-walled closed class rooms. The Internet has made it possible to bring the whole world right into their study rooms. A single click on the mouse is enough to peep into the world of knowledge!

Use of Smart boards in the class rooms made the class rooms even smarter. Now students can communicate with each other and with their educators in a better way. Reading, writing, and sharing knowledge are the three effective ways to gather knowledge, and smart boards can help in his very much.  Today educators are using smart boards to give lessons in a smart way.


Gaining popularity of the use of smart boards in class rooms has increased the number of white board suppliers. By including many more smart features, now smart boards have become even smarter. One of the prominent whiteboard suppliers is Elearn. By being in the field of education and boardroom projects for years, they are making educational products that make learning a more interactive and engaging experience.


Like any innovative products smart class room devices have its pros and cons. Here are some of its positive and negative sides.

–          Smart class room helps students to communicate with each other and teachers effectively.

–          It helps students and teachers to carry on two types of works simultaneously.

–          Assist students in interacting with others from remote locations.

–          Use of real-time mode applications.

–          Learn anytime, any where

Some of the negative effects of the use of digital devices in class rooms are as follows:

–          Negligence in the use of paper, pen and notebooks

–          Ruining of writing skills

–          Lack of imagination and free-thinking

Though there are positive and negative sides, I should say digital class room allows students to learn with technology. Rather than limiting students to static expression of understanding, digital class rooms provides them with opportunities to leverage the use of images, music, video, charts and graphs in their studies. The greatest tangible benefit of smart class is in terms of student engagement. Learning new things with a flavor of fun in it makes classes more interesting and digital class can do it.

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E-Learn India Provides Smart E-Learning Tools At Affordable Rates

E-Learn India offers advanced e-learning learning tools that assist educators in bringing a better understand of  the subject to their students. These tools are versatile and help create a dynamic digital classroom environment where teachers and students can interact closer, thus bringing the benefits of deeper learning to the student. Students who learn in an e-learning environment are better equipped to meet the challenges of today’s competitive environment and have greater skills and understanding levels.

The company offers a diverse range of e-learning smart class tools. These tools include interactive slate, dynamic bulletin board, interactive while board, classroom lectern, audience response system, interactive monitor and visual presenter. All these smartclass tools offer advanced features which take teaching, learning and presentations to greater heights. Teachers have a greater degree of flexibility as they are able to present the learning matter in new and innovative ways to students. They can make use of the digital smartboard to give highly interesting classroom session or students.  Students gains because they are able to access more information which enhances their knowledge of the subject. The can better interact with teachers which makes the learning process more interesting. Various e-learning tools like the interactive smart board sharpen their mind and makes them focus on the subject, thus increasing their analytical thinking capabilities.

E-Learn pioneering lead in offering e-learning tools to the classroom has benefitted many learning institutes. In addition to educational institutes, the e-learning tools that they supply are also being purchased by large corporate houses and government organizations. They are used in carrying out training sessions for employees, which has benefitted them in not just the quality of the training process but also the cost. They are not spending money in getting a huge volume of printed matter ready for training sessions like before, yet they are able to provide highly effective training to their employee. It is the interactive nature of the tools offered that makes the big difference between earlier methods of training and the current one which makes use of e-learning tools extensively.

The company offer e-learning tools to corporate houses for various purposes, most important of which is meetings and presentations. These tools offer highly advanced technological features that enables easy conducting of conference meetings with employees in distance location, carrying out of voting processes, and much more. It has thus turned the normal corporate environment into a dynamic one, which churns out hi-tech decisions that rapidly enhance the organizations growth and profits.

E-Learn India stands out from other companies or whiteboard suppliers because of their capability of offering quality tools as and when required. Some tools can be customized according to client’s requirements. These tools are available at the most nominal rates, to bring clients the benefits of e-learning at affordable rates. Customers who have taken up their services have gained incredibly in terms of cost and learning benefits, which have shown a marked difference in their learning productivity levels. The costs involved in training have decreased while the level of information that is absorbed by the trainee has increased dramatically. Educational institutes and organizations seeking to transform their learning environment will find their e-learning tools to be innovative and cost effective.

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The concept of digital technology in the field of education

Are you new to the profession of teacher? Are you finding it difficult to get the attention of your students? Do not worry anymore! The concept of Digital classroom has now become a reality. This will aid you in your teaching activities at the same time attract the attention of your students.

The Digital classroom has brought in a lot of changes to the traditional system of education. The digital technology such as laptops, smart phones, tablets etc are today being used in the classrooms; they are replacing notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils etc. Today, both the students and teachers have access to a much wider source of information. At a click of a button any information, data, image etc can be downloaded and stored very easily. At times students also get the opportunity to communicate with the experts in their field of learning. Digital classroom enable learning in a very easy manner. In the traditional system, a student had to hand over his paper to his teacher, who would rate the same and hand it over to the student. In the Digital classrooms all the writings, blogs, posting etc put by the students can be viewed by a wider audience, who can also review it and give their comments. These to a great extend encourages students. It is strongly supported by a class website that extends leaning opportunities beyond the four walls of the classroom. The website generally contains information such as; general information, assignment dates and details, important events and announcements and so on.

Another feather in the cap of digital technology is the Smartboard. It is essentially a presentation device that interfaces with a computer. With the use of a projector, the images from the computer screen can be displayed on the board. The Smart Board is thus an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input – e.g. scrolling, right mouse-click – in the same way normal PC input devices, such as a mouse or keyboard etc works. It is used for teaching, during training programs, conducting meetings and delivering presentations.  Smart Board helps to get the attention of listeners and encourages their involvement in the subject. It also aids the teachers in making the class more colorful and interesting by using multimedia resources; it helps to bring the class come alive.

Apart from these uses Smart Board interactive whiteboards also help students who have learning difficulties, mobility limitations. The Smartboard is of great importance to children who have problems such dyslexia, autism and also hearing impaired problems. Due to all these advantages there is a huge demand for same. Today there are numerous whiteboard suppliers who supply all the required materials. They range from very expensive ones to affordable ones. By conducting a detailed analysis of each of the whiteboard supplier, you will be able to find the one that matches your requirement and fits well within your budget.

Another attracting feature about today’s education system is the Smart Class technology. It is an effective way of teaching, where the traditional system of writing on the black board and copying the same onto the notebooks is being replaced. With the advent of Smart Class students are able to see the experiments, incidents and thereby they are in a better position to understand the concept. Smartclass uses digital technologies such as laptops, LCD etc to foster the learning process.

Activity based learning is the key word of the day. Sky is the limit – just go out and explore.

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E-Learning Offers Innovative Learning Environment That Fosters Creative and Analytical Abilities

An innovative form of teaching that is all set to revolutionize the traditional teaching methodology is e-learning. Designed to encourage creative thinking and analytical abilities, this teaching method makes you of advanced teaching tools which encourage students to learn more about their subject. It also enhances communication between teachers and students.

E-Learning involves the implementation of various electronic technologies that enrich the classroom environment, this building a digital classroom environment. These smartboard technologies include interactive slate, dynamic bulletin board, interactive while board, visual presenter, which enhance the learning experience. Through these tools, teachers can teach subjects in a very innovative manner, through which students can imbibe more in their classrooms. The use of hi-tech digital smart class technology gives way to faster learning and greater understanding of the subject.

A unique quality in the e-learning process is the combination of online and face-to-face learning. Those who have experienced the e-learning environment find a definite difference in the manner in which they are able to absorb information and the level of knowledge that they have gained. Online resources used in such sessions have opened up new pathways for deeper learning of the subject, thus enhancing the learners skills like never before. Teachers can make use of online resources to explain subject matters in a much deeper way, adding to the student’s knowledge base. They can do in by connecting their computer system to the interactive white board, during classroom sessions and display presentations, websites, text files, image files and much more. This enhances the student’s interest in the subject. In such sessions, they can actually cover more of the subject matter than otherwise.

The use of online resources in e-learning has bridge the gap between teachers and curriculum developers.  They can share knowledge resources and build information repositories more easily. E-learning’s web-based interface facilitates distance learning. It has brought out the concept of anywhere, anytime self-paced instructions. The various technological tools used in the e-learning process enable cost effective learning process.  Earlier, learning institutes had to spend a lot of money in getting printed mater ready. Now this can be avid by putting learning modules into software format and storing them in a single place, which can be accessed by anyone who needs it. This feature can be very advantageous when a training session has to be done. Training materials do not have to be printed for each student as they can be stored online and accessed by every student by connecting to the shared network.

The easiest way to gain e-learning tools is by contacting e-learning tool suppliers or whiteboard suppliers. The tools provided by e-learning offer a highly enhanced learning environment where the learning process is simplified to give better understanding to students and facilitate the teacher in their teaching methods. Those seeking means to transform their classroom into a more interactive environment, should seriously consider implementing e-learning methodologies and gain the higher levels of productivity that they seek to achieve. These tools are not just beneficial for the student learning environment but they can also be used in organizations for better employee communication and training.

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