Smart boards – effective and smart e-learning tools

The world is running behind different types of digital technologies. For each and every purpose the younger generation is searching for new technology packed items. They are depending on technology for their education and entertainment. In school they have well-equipped digital classroom, and in house they have computers. The advent of latest technologies changed the face of education and entertainment arena like never before. Now a single click on the mouse brings the whole world into the students study room.

Earlier students went to school carrying pen, pencil, notebooks, textbooks, calculator etc. Laptop has replaced all these things today. Instead of bringing a big bean shaped bag carrying all those curriculum accessories, now they want only a single laptop.

Class rooms have changed a lot. There was a time when teachers used chalks and boards to teach curriculum. At present they are using smart boards. A smart board is a presentation tool that helps teachers to interact with their students. Teachers use this tool to teach all kinds of subjects, from displaying math formulas and functions to showing maps of different countries in the geography class.

Function of a smart board

In a smart class room a smart board assist teachers in spreading their idea to students through visual media. The large display area of the smartboard gives teachers a large presentation area where they can draw or show already drawn pictures, graphs and designs. Teachers can also make notes, highlight contents, enter into various applications and take printout of the contents and handover to students.

Advantages of smart boards

  1. It enhances interactive learning – Class rooms equipped with smart boards help students and teachers to interact with each other effectively. Because everyone in the class room can use the board simultaneously.
  1. Multitasking– The same board can be used to do multiple jobs. That means, when a teacher is using a toll bar a student can simultaneously use another tool bar to do his own manipulations on a separate workspace of the same board.
  1. Internet access – Smart boards can be connected to the Internet.  This helps students to view different websites and use other computer application process by being in the class room. That means, by sitting in the class room they can gain access to a wide variety of applications. Educators can also use internet to download their lecture notes and presenting it in front of students in an interesting way.
  1. Effective communication with people in different locations – The advancement in the technology helps to connect smart boards with computers. This helps in online education. Students and teachers located in different locations can interact with each other and this make the learning process a more effective one.
  2. Take printouts – Earlier students have to take lecture notes when teachers dictate it. With the introduction of smart boards taking printouts of lecture notes became pretty easy. They can also save the lecture notes in their own computers or in the smart board for future use.

Smart boards have made a smart change in the education arena. In this digital age we can expect a lot more.

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