Smart class rooms assist students in learning with technology

My mother used to share us with her old school day memories during our free times. Maths mam was her favourite on those days. Even now she constantly writes letters to her maths mam. There is a close bonding between them. The only thing my mother regrets about her school days is the lack of technology advances. But she is a happy mother. She feels proud today as she is able to send her children to a better school which has good educational facilities. She used to always advice us to utilize those facilities in an effective way.

I was telling about educational facilities, and you may be wondering which all these high-tech facilities are. Well, I am talking about the modern education system and the technologies used to give it a wider reach. Today’s generation is roaming around with iphone, ipad , tablet and other digital devices in their pockets. We have the opportunity to access information wherever we are.  This technological advancement can be seen in class rooms also.


With the introduction of digital class rooms, it becomes easy to interact with each other like never before. Students of this generation are not enclosed in the four-walled closed class rooms. The Internet has made it possible to bring the whole world right into their study rooms. A single click on the mouse is enough to peep into the world of knowledge!

Use of Smart boards in the class rooms made the class rooms even smarter. Now students can communicate with each other and with their educators in a better way. Reading, writing, and sharing knowledge are the three effective ways to gather knowledge, and smart boards can help in his very much.  Today educators are using smart boards to give lessons in a smart way.


Gaining popularity of the use of smart boards in class rooms has increased the number of white board suppliers. By including many more smart features, now smart boards have become even smarter. One of the prominent whiteboard suppliers is Elearn. By being in the field of education and boardroom projects for years, they are making educational products that make learning a more interactive and engaging experience.


Like any innovative products smart class room devices have its pros and cons. Here are some of its positive and negative sides.

–          Smart class room helps students to communicate with each other and teachers effectively.

–          It helps students and teachers to carry on two types of works simultaneously.

–          Assist students in interacting with others from remote locations.

–          Use of real-time mode applications.

–          Learn anytime, any where

Some of the negative effects of the use of digital devices in class rooms are as follows:

–          Negligence in the use of paper, pen and notebooks

–          Ruining of writing skills

–          Lack of imagination and free-thinking

Though there are positive and negative sides, I should say digital class room allows students to learn with technology. Rather than limiting students to static expression of understanding, digital class rooms provides them with opportunities to leverage the use of images, music, video, charts and graphs in their studies. The greatest tangible benefit of smart class is in terms of student engagement. Learning new things with a flavor of fun in it makes classes more interesting and digital class can do it.

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