Digital Classrooms: – A boon for Teachers and Students

Today the world has become digital in all aspects. Digital classrooms are replacing the traditional system of education that was confined to the four walls of the classroom, curriculum based printed text books, an authoritative teacher and exam oriented syllabus. Not anymore! Time has moved on. Notebooks, textbooks pens, pencils, erasers etc have now become a thing of the past. Today students carry digital devices such as laptops, smart phones and other digital equipments to the classrooms. Moreover, the traditional modes of conversation are being replaced by instant messaging and chatting.

The digital classroom has many exciting features that increase their popularity and use. Some of the advantages of adopting a digital classroom are;

  • Taking notes have become much more easier as Typing tends to go faster
  • Information or data once stored on the laptop they can be easily accessed and chances of losing them are very less. Back up of data is possible.
  • The information or data can be quickly converted into images, graphs, charts etc thereby making it much easier and simpler for students to understand and remember.
  • Digital classrooms also help to get the attention of the students easily, which is the most difficult task faced by every teacher.
  • The most important fact is that students need not carry heavy school bags to schools

Presentation tools are increasing in popularity because of their demand from teachers who want to share their ideas and information with their students. Interactive applications help to get the students involved in the process of learning. Thus, Smart Board is another important innovation which was originally used in the business world for group discussions As all age groups respond favorably to the board use. They have gained popularity in schools, teachers have reported success. Smartboard is interactive white board that turns you and your computer into a powerful teaching, presenting, and interactive tool.  The projector would project the image from the computer onto the board. Smart Board technology not only helps in offering shared learning experiences for large or small groups, it also aids in distance education. A study has shown a positive attitude in students towards using computers in instructions than towards writing instructions.

As the demand increases, so does the number of white board suppliers. Today numerous suppliers of whiteboards are available in the market. The internet will provide you with an endless list of the whiteboard suppliers in your area or town.  The rates charged and the services offered will vary from supplier to supplier. Hence, a comparison shopping should be done before selecting the whiteboard supplier.

Smart class is another digital initiative that is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology. Today students need not break their heads over the difficult and abstract curriculum concepts; Smartclass has simplified the process of learning. All the difficult concepts can be easily understood and remembered by students by just watching highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students and at the same time improves their overall academic performance in school.

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