E –Learning, Fun Learning With Digital Classroom

The development of new technologies has helped us make our life better and easier every day. The innovative technology really helps teachers with course ware and maintenance support in digital format. In digital classroom teachers make use of the projected tablet screen to display and notes and work in class without great effort .They do not have to waste time in writing or explaining the lectures in the classroom, as they earlier used to do. They can save or post these tablets online.  The teachers are using smartboards (interactive Whiteboards) to enhance teaching and learning.

The smart board interactive whiteboard is a giant touchscreen, displaying the image from the computer monitor. By touching the board screen directly by finger or by the incorporated electronic pens, you can control the computer. It is ideally good for introducing a lesson and to judge children’s knowledge and understanding. The teacher and students can participate actively in a range of functions like to drag and drop images or text, write or draw on the smartboard.  Students enjoy learning when they can physically touch and move the objects in the big screen. In addition, the images are big enough for everyone to see.  The use of white board has increased very much from last few years. One of every seven classrooms in the world is featuring an interactive whiteboard. They are useful not only in classrooms but also in the corporate sectors, and in broadcasting studios.

As the e class learning is earning popularity, the demand for the relevant equipments is steadily increasing. A guidance to set up the e class along with the necessary equipments is readily available online. Interested customers can log on to the relevant websites to obtain information about the white board suppliers, which is the essential equipment in a digital class. You can view the various features, prices and different makes. Make the best choice to suit your needs. By placing an order and paying online, you can purchase the necessary devices.

 Smartclass is the earlier version, which did not support many of the latest features.  The e class created a better interaction between the lecturer and the students but operating the monitor required the use of additional devices. The smartclass was useful mainly in the higher class, colleges and for professional institutions.  The persons attending should have the knowledge to operate and interact with the teacher. The technology improvises everything with the enhanced needs of the situation.

 Online classroom overcomes all the negatives that an e class had to face. The innovative method of teaching suited all right from the pre-schoolers to the universities. It does not require any additional tools to operate or any prior training. The children can walk up to the interactive boards and virtually feel the objects and understand concepts better. The audio and visual aids have a better impact in both the teaching as well as learning. Multiple touch screens allow even a group of students to interact in different ways at the white boards. So learn with joy!

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