We can still remember the days when learning used to be monotonous with a teacher teaching using the boring, usual black board. Who knew learning could be fun and entertaining with the changes in the teaching system. Now we can understand that change is not bad after all. With the advent of the smart class, not only learning has become enjoyable to the students but also teaching has become interesting and easier to the teachers.  Smart class, in simple terms, is an innovative and meaningful use of technology in the way of teaching. This works because it engages the students and the teachers and creates a connection between them by making the class active.

 With the active participation of the students, learning has become enjoyable without affecting the overall academic performance. With technology by their side, the teachers are able to give high quality instructions and help to enhance the students’ ability to understand the curriculum content. Everyone likes to watch videos and movies, especially the kids.  This is a good advantage for this type of learning as students are shown video clips related to each of the subjects. This helps the students to capture the idea and use it well academically. With the help of the technology used in a digital classroom, the teaching sessions can also be recorded for further use by uploading the recorded documents in the web. This brings the concept of the virtual classrooms where one can learn the subject and receive the lecture anytime and anywhere.

            From the usage of black boards and white boards, now the usage of smart boards has become popular in our country. The smart board with its touch detection has made the work of the teachers very easy and safe to use. It is not only easy for the teachers to teach but also very useful for the students to grasp the concepts. When used well, it becomes an advantage to the education system. Hence students have become more interactive and volunteering during the classes. Not only those, the students are encouraged to think out of the box and ask questions. Have you wondered what will happen when you mixed the wrong chemicals in your chemistry lab? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. With the help of the smart boards’ chemistry simulations, these kinds of doubts can be cleared too without anyone getting hurt. How fun is that! Be it any subject, the students are attracted to the class and hence more attentive than ever. This method of teaching does not only help the students to learn academically, but also help them to be energetic and creative.

Gone are the days when students used to sleep in the class. The time has come now that the students look forward to be taught in class. They are even encouraged to take classes and do projects as they have reached that level. All thanks to the modern techniques used in teaching, the buds are given the right environment to become beautiful and colourful flowers.


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