Everyone wants to up-to-the-minute. If we see, there used to be days when letters were the only way of communicating. But now, there are numerous ways and communication channels to send through the information. Every day there is a new invention. Nobody wants to live in the past. Whenever there is a new product or technology in the market, we want to adapt to it. Technology as touched every walks of life from producing food to education. One cannot imagine a life without these techno products these days. Though we did not need these products in the past, the need has been created now and hence one needs the products to keep up with this fast paced world.

            We were using the teaching methods used in 19th century till now which was good to an extent but not good enough to keep the students interested. With so many interesting and fun gadgets with them, the students get easily bored because of this type of teaching. Hence, they turn to these gadgets and get addicted using them. With the advent of smart class, these types of problems, if not totally, are addressed at least to a certain extent. The students are kept interested with the digital classroom atmosphere. Though, we wanted the latest in every aspect, it took us this long to bring in these methods of education in our country and yet we are still far behind many other countries. There are even many schools and institutes that still have not adapted to these changes as this change costs them.

            There are classes that are whiteboard based smart class and digital based class. The latter provides an anytime anywhere learning and hence is a more advanced level than the smart class. Hence many institutions have started to use the smart board which is basically an interactive whiteboard that uses four special digital ink markers only with which you can write on the smart board. This eliminates the white boards and has started to impact the whiteboard suppliers. This board uses touch detection to detect the input given by the teacher/user and a projector is used to display the output. Hence learning has become a more engaging and interactive experience. Students are fascinated by this teaching method and are encouraged to be more innovative and interactive.

            Gone are the days when the teachers used to erase the notes written using the chalk pieces and later be affected by that. Who knew learning could be this much fun. These teaching methods and learning experiences triggers the desire in adults to become students again. Also, the students are familiarized to practical experiences which help them to understand the subjects better. Even the lab experiments are explained to them through the smart board by simulation which gives them a real picture of the experiments that has to be done. With the impact of the technology in education, one even wants to become a kid and start going to school to avail this method of education. Hence, technology with its diverse effects on the way of living of the human beings is a boon to them as far as education is concerned.

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